Barbara Fuller

for Jefferson County Board of Education
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An introduction to Jefferson and Berkeley County BOE candidates

By Eve Larsh

Oct 12, 2019




Fuller, 51, of Kearnysville, works as a genealogist and a search angel, someone that connects adopted children with their biological parents. She said she believes in fiscal responsibility.

“That is utmost and foremost one of the things that I see is going wrong in our Jefferson County Board of Education,” she said. “I’ve spoken with enough people that I’ve seen they order supplies and they never use them.”

These supplies are more expensive, including LCD televisions, Fuller said.

Fuller said she currently has two children in the Jefferson County school system, with another child that graduated last year.

She said she would like to see more programs for the children.

She said that if elected, she would make sure bonds would be put into place the way they were supposed to be.

Fuller said that what sets her apart is having children with wildly different personalities and interests.

“I had the kid that had the Individualized Learning Plan,” she said. “I have the kid that is extremely smart and excels in everything he does, and I have the one that is in between. I have a really good feel of all the ins and outs of the school system.”

Fuller said she has spent a lot of time volunteering in the school system when her son developed Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which is when blood supply to the ball part of the hip joint is temporarily interrupted and the bone begins to die.

“I literally had to stay in school with him most of the day, because he wasn’t allowed to run, jump, any of those fun things because he would damage his hip. I used to spend most of my day in the school, so I ended up volunteering a tremendous amount in the Pre-K classes, the first-grade classes and the second-grade classes. I used to even hang out in the middle school classes.

JCS BOE candidate focused on special education, managing funds


By Eve Larsh

​Oct 25, 2019​​


MARTINSBURG — Barbara Fuller, 51, of Kearneysville, is running for Jefferson County Board of Education. So far she is running unopposed.

Fuller said some of the reasons she is running are to help to improve on special education and to keep a closer eye on where the board uses its finances.

Out of her four children, Fuller said she has three children that attended Jefferson County Schools. She said she was critical of how easily staff tried to give her children Individualized Education Plans.

“I have one child who has an IEP, and when they were all in grade school, the school they were attending literally tried to IEP the other two,” she said. “One happens to be an honor student now.”

Fuller said she moved her children to Shepherdstown Elementary School after she was dissatisfied with how staff at North Jefferson Elementary School was trying to issue the IEPs.

“They were reevalutated by the teachers at Shepherdstown, and they were like ‘There’s nothing wrong with your children,’” she said.

The school system receives funds every time an IEP is issued, Fuller said.

“They get money for every IEP that they have, especially if you’re a Title 1 school, like North Jefferson used to be,” she said.

The parents of Jefferson County need someone on the board that can make sure Fuller’s experience with IEP’s doesn’t happen to them, she said.

Fuller said she saw financial information that showed JCS paying $260,000 in attorney fees in an eminent domain lawsuit involving Rockwool. She said JCS is mismanaging funds.

“It’s supposed to be for schools, teachers and students,” she said. “It’s not supposed to go toward bullying someone out of the county.”

Although mainly decided by state legislature and not the BOE, Fuller said locality pay is something she approves of.

Fuller is a member of the Republican Executive Committee of Jefferson County and has ties with state Sen. Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson, and Del. Paul Espinosa, R-Jefferson, among other delegates.

“I can work with legislators so that teachers can get their locality pay,” she said.

Fuller said she hopes to bring some change to the BOE and JCS.

“Our parents and our teachers need so much more,” she said.